Kiu Reports

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Kiu ONLINE REPORTS is composed by a set of reports that provide real-time information of the system. It also includes Kiu DATA EXPLORER, which is a robust database that allows generating statistics from the first moment of operation of the airline. Without time limits in the consultations, it allows obtaining detailed information on the evolution of the reserves and the sales, made from different perspectives.

Main Characteristics Of The System

  • Real-time operational reports
  • Statistical and management information
  • Storage of reservation and sales information without time limit
  • Yield management information
  • Tool for management decision making
  • Web Application
  • Commercial and operational reports
  • Statistical reports and graphs
  • Exportable information
  • Information presented from different perspectives and by different criteria
  • Management reports that are sent by mail with the commercial and operational summary of the previous day
  • Sales and reservation information with more than 100 filter and selection criteria

Sales Reports

Flight Reports

Check-In Reports


  • Issuance of individual or consolidated cash reports
  • Issuance of reservation reports, by user, office, city, country (more than 15 variants)
  • Issuance of sales reports, by channels, country, city, office, user, GDS, Interlinear, code share, by type of document, by tariff, tariff base (more than 50 variants and combinations)
  • Issuance of flight reports, date, routes, flight numbers, load factor, equipment, sales distribution channel, no show, go show (more than 30 variants and combinations)
  • Issuance of load factor reports prior to the date of operation and post flight
  • Operations report
  • Issuance of check-in reports, passengers on board, passengers checked with variants, defaulted, no show and go show
  • Post flight report emission

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  • It allows analyzing the evolution of reserves and sales in real time
  • Improves efficiency in decision making based on timely and accurate information
  • Provides specific reports essential for the operation
  • Provides easy-to-read analysis and interpretation data
  • Improves income per flight due to actions taken due to the change of the demand
  • Generates income statistical reports
  • Ease to export the reports and share them
  • Ease on the creation of new reports