The suite solutions integrated as value added

In Kiu SYSTEM SOLUTION we offer solutions tailored to each airline whatever their size and business model, optimizing its operations, commercial, administrative and financial management. They provide scalability, flexibility and real time information, optimizing its cost structure and generating greater profitability.

Our solutions

A comprehensive reservation system, integrated, reliable and easy to use for all type of airlines.

  • Kiu RES, reservation and ticketing module
  • Kiu DCS, control departure module
  • Kiu GDS, reservation and sales module for agencies
  • Kiu WEB, internet sales module
  • Kiu ONLINE REPORTS, operative and statistical reports module

A Portfolio of systems integrated with each other, enhances our solution for airline industry.

  • Kiu ADMIN, revenue accounting system
  • Kiu LOYALTY, frequent flyer system
  • Kiu CARGO, air cargo management system
  • Kiu MAINTENANCE, aircraft maintenance system


  • Integrated suite of solutions for airlines
  • Multihosting inventory system
  • Reduced distribution cost by GDS Kiu
  • Distribution in IATA/BSP/ARC travel agencies
  • NO BSP/NO ARC agencies distribution by an electronic current account
  • System aligned with IATA standard 100% e-ticket
  • Ancillary sale through EMD S/A
  • Interline and bilateral code share agreements
  • Multichannel distribution platform
  • Connectivity with traditional GDS by messages type A/B (SABRE, AMADEUS and Travel port)
  • Operative, commercial and financial online reports
  • Integration with OTA (Online travel Agencies) for online sale
  • Credit card online payments validation
  • Departure control system certificated on several airports platforms
  • Luggage and passenger dispatch to final destination
  • Minimum connectivity, hardware and software requirements
  • System hosting and historical data maintenance
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Remote users support 24/7

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Kiu Systems


Amaszonas, the bolivian airline that competed in our country


The new route Asunción-Buenos Aires has already started and they will request the Government 15 more destinations the next Public Hearing

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Last Friday April 7th, Turpial Airlines started operations.


Turpial Airlines based in Valencia, Venezuela, successfully began operations with 2 routes.

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