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Kiu SYSTEM SOLUTIONS offers tailor-made options for each airline, independent of size and business model by optimizing operations, commercial, administrative and financial management. The system provides scalability, flexibility and real-time information to optimize airline structure and boost profits.

Our solutions

A comprehensive, integrated, reliable and easy-to-use reservation system for all types of airlines.

  • Kiu RES, reservation and ticketing module
  • Kiu DCS, control departure module
  • Kiu GDS, reservation and sales module for agencies
  • Kiu WEB, internet sales module
  • Kiu ONLINE REPORTS, operative and statistical reports module

A Portfolio of systems integrated with each other, enhances our solution for airline industry.

  • Kiu ADMIN, revenue accounting system
  • Kiu LOYALTY, frequent flyer system
  • Kiu CARGO, air cargo management system
  • Kiu MAINTENANCE, aircraft maintenance system


  • Airline-oriented Integrated suite of solutions
  • Multi-hosting inventory system
  • Reduced distribution cost thanks to Kiu's GDS
  • Distribution through IATA/BSP/ARC-affiliated travel agencies
  • Distribution through non-BSP/ARC-affiliated agencies via e-account
  • 100% IATA standard e-ticket compliant
  • Ancillary sales through EMD S/A
  • Interline and bilateral codeshare agreements
  • Multi-channel distribution platform
  • Seamlessly interfaces with traditional GDS systems (SABRE, AMADEUS and Travel port) through A/B type messages
  • Online operational, commercial and financial reports
  • Integration with OTA (Online Travel Agencies) for online sales
  • Online credit card payment validation
  • Departure control system certified on several airport platforms
  • Checks luggage and passengers to final destination
  • Minimum connectivity, hardware and software requirements
  • System hosting and historical data maintenance
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Remote user support 24/7

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