KIU® System Solutions offers to each airline an integral solutions suite that contributes to optimize your marketing and management strategy guaranteeing your operation success, adapting with flexibility to the needs of the different company profiles and business models of the dinamic current airline industry, that day after day propose new demands as well as commercial and technological challenges.


KIU® is the best value for money since it is aligned to all the airline industry standards criteria that guarantee dynamic execution, strength, speed, security; developed and certified under IATA standards guaranteeing to our customers a quick and simple market penetration through our systems of Multihosting Inventory, reservation and 100% e-ticket issue, worldwide distribution at IATA and non IATA Travel Agencies and Corporations, booking engine (B2C) for final passengers sales through the airline web page, Revenue accounting, conectivity with other GDSs and interline e-ticketing, among other solutions.




  • Speedy transactions by cryptic commands
  • 3 simultaneous working areas
  • Minimum training time
  • BSP/ARC Settlement for IATA agents
  • Electronic credit line for NON IATA BSP/ARC agents
  • Administrative costs reduction
  • Operational and communications costs reduction
  • Agility on the execution and processes
  • Easy instalation and user adaptation
  • Minimum technical requirements
  • On line commercial, operational, auditing and management reports
  • Estatistic and graphic reports