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Kiu GDS allows the distribution of airline content to travel agencies, and in any traditional distribution system such as Saber or Amadeus. Kiu GDS is a tool that allows the airline to increase sales volume due to a greater presence in the market.

Main Characteristics Of The Application

  • Simple installation through an executable
  • Minimum requirements for internet connectivity, hardware and software
  • PNR history
  • Distribution in non-BSP / non-ARC agencies through electronic checking account
  • Possibility of issuing interline or code share sales
  • Application that responds to IATA standards
  • Connectivity with traditional GDS through Type B and A / Edifact messaging
  • Certificate in the BSP of different countries
  • Compatible with PCI standards
  • Complete and integral integration with Kiu PSS
  • Distribution with OAG and Innovata
  • Connectivity with OTAS (Online Travel Agencies), Pricing Aggregators and Meta searchers

Distribution in BSP and Not BSP agencies

Connectivity with OTAS

Connectivity with traditional GDS


  • Administration and control tool for travel agencies
  • Preparation of individual and group reservations
  • Division, reduction and increase of PNR
  • Automatic PNR charging
  • Partial, automatic total or controlled exchanges
  • Partial, automatic total or controlled reimbursements
  • Revalidation of e-tickets
  • Determination of commissions for travel agencies
  • Issuance of EMD S/A for other income
  • Online validation of payments with credit cards
  • Administration of multiple payment forms
  • Generation of cash reports by users, user group and agency

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  • Cost savings by not having to participate in the BSP
  • Reduction of distribution costs
  • Improves the possibility of sales due to the presence in traditional GDS
  • Broadens the indirect channel by marketing through non-IATA agencies
  • Improved presence in the market since more than 20,000 travel agencies use Kiu GDS
  • Increase sales due to the possibility of making alliances
  • Sales improvement through interline and code-share agreements
  • Acceptance and satisfaction by the agencies
  • 24×7 support for travel agencies