Kiu E-commerce


Kiu E-COMMERCE is integrated by a series of web services that allow the commercialization of the flight offer from the airline’s website, facilitating the process of booking, buying and issuing air and ancillaries tickets.

Main Characteristis of the application

  • HTTP POST interface
  • Web Service Technology
  • SSL protocol for authentication
  • Possibility of adapting to the style of the airline
  • E-commerce functionality
  • B2C solution
  • Compatible with PCI standards
  • Integration with the payment method that the airline uses
  • Possibility of including the sale of ancillaries
  • Technical support during development

Sales of ancillaries

Integration with all payment methods

HTTP POST interface


  • Cancellation of reservations and cancellation of e-tickets, Deployment of reservations and e-tickets, Query of availability by various criteria and Generation of reserves
  • PNR quotation including taxes and fees
  • SSR (Special Service Request) handling
  • Issuance of e-tickets and EMD
  • Consultation of corporate current accounts, Modification of reservations and Consultation of tariffs and tariff rules

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  • Improves and benefits sales through a very economical channel
  • Easy integration with OTA (online travel agencies)
  • Improves the image of the airline by offering new means of commercialization
  • Simplifies the purchase management for the passenger
  • Simple integration with pricing aggregators and metasearchers
  • Fully configurable by the company, what sets it apart from any other airline
  • Secures transaction environment