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Kiu ADMIN is a comprehensive and highly automated system that completely satisfies all the processes necessary for income accounting. It enables the correct determination of income and provides correct and timely information for decision making at the management level.

Main Characteristics Of The Application

  • Rigorous accounting guidance with simple identification of liabilities and income
  • Accounting of sales at the coupon level
  • Fully aligned with IATA standards
  • High level of process automation
  • Early identification of fraud and detection of incorrect use of coupons
  • Fully automatic apportionment engine that solves SPA complexes and includes a simulation module
  • Integrated report module to take advantage of system information
  • Simple and powerful audit process of rates, fees and commissions
  • Compatible with interline billing SIS standard
  • Web system with a friendly user interface
  • PCI Compliance
  • Agile implementation with a minimum learning curve
  • High level of automation
  • Configurable according to the fiscal and legal regulations of each country

Compatible with Interline Billing SIS Standard

Configurable according to the fiscal and legal regulations of each country

Automatic prorating engine


  • Allows you to import different sales and flight files of different origins
  • Complete processing of direct and indirect sales (BSP / ARC)
  • Complete treatment of EMD transactions
  • Sales audit and adjustment management
  • Comprehensive and complete process of information flown
  • Reliable and powerful prorating engine
  • Accurate identification of the company’s income
  • Evaluation and control of information flown
  • Integral processing of interline billing
  • Management of all stages of interline rejections
  • Robust accounting guidance for each transaction
  • Possibility of integrating with any ERP

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  • Provides timely and accurate income information
  • Simplifies daily activities improving productivity and efficiency
  • Maximizes revenue recovery
  • Minimizes the loss of income
  • Ensures interline billing in an accurate and timely manner
  • Generates savings through effective control of interline billing to be paid
  • Provides revenues to the airlines based on recovery from the audit
  • Provides accurate accounting information