Kiu Maintenance


Kiu MAINTENANCE is a complete fleet maintenance platform, provided by our commercial partner Volartec, through its Alkym software.Kiu System Solutions and Volartec have joined together in a strategic alliance that allows them to complement their solutions offering with one of the leading aircraft maintenance systems in the industry.
Alkym is implemented in more than 60 airlines in 30 countries.CARACTERÍSTICAS


  • Planning, engineering and maintenance control
  • Maximizes the efficiency and performance of aircraft maintenance operations
  • Inventory control, reception & dispatch of materials
  • Warehouse management
  • Traceability of components
  • Technical library
  • Administration and control of human resources
  • Module of sales and administration of services to third parties
  • Reliability and quality assurance module

Inventory control

Traceability of components

Complies with industry regulations


  • Plan scheduled maintenance on aircraft, systems and engines
  • Manage deferred maintenance
  • Coordinate resources, both material and human
  • Maintains a convenient availability of components in inventory
  • Control component rotation times
  • Monitor and manage fleet reliability; suppliers; systems / components and dispatch
  • Effectively manages maintenance programs
  • Controls the applicability and compliance of service bulletins and AD’s
  • Manages orders and engineering tasks
  • Control components
  • Provides training and training of appropriate skills
  • Provides auditing services
  • Plans and controls jobs and special projects
  • Manage resources (infrastructure, professionals, time)
  • Correctly coordinates work by aircraft
  • Develop, evaluate and monitor suppliers
  • Manages open contracts and purchase orders
  • Follow up and claim for guarantees
  • Reduces and optimize inventories
  • Reduces the total cost of the component life cycle
  • Manages the engineering area for computer systems installation projects

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  • Cost savings by not having to participate in the BSP
  • Reduction of distribution costs
  • Improves the possibility of sales due to the presence in traditional GDS
  • Broadens the indirect channel by marketing through non-IATA agencies
  • Improved presence in the market since more than 20,000 travel agencies use Kiu GDS
  • Increase sales due to the possibility of making alliances
  • Sales improvement through interline and code-share agreements
  • Acceptance and satisfaction by the agencies
  • 24×7 support for travel agencies