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Kiu LOYALTY is an easy to use system totally oriented to support, maintain and manage the loyalty programs of the airlines.The system design offers many innovative features that allows the airline to accurately maintain program information and offer all the features that a program partner expects to find on the airline’s website.

Main Characteristics Of The Application

  • High level of parameterization
  • Updated information in real time
  • Issuance of IATA standard documentation
  • Personalization of the documentation at the request of the airline
  • Stock control of air guides
  • Configuration of rates, other charges and insurance collection conditions
  • Configuration of flat commercial agreements, spot and special agreements
  • e-Booking, reservations through the airline’s website
  • e-Tracking, traceability of shipments through the airline’s website
  • Tracking alert, automatic sending of alerts with tracking status to your customers
  • Configuration and administration of current accounts
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to implement

All your company need.

Information updated in real time

Stock control

Automatic alert messages with tracking status


  • Autocomplete in issuing guides and manifesto
  • Printing of air guides and labels with barcode or QR
  • Management of reservations and assignment of guides per flight individually or massively
  • Manifestos of full and partial load, direct and in transit
  • Reception of load in destination registers all the novelties of the download
  • Handling of Leftovers and Missing
  • Simple and complete administration of rates and other charges
  • Contract Management and special rates per client
  • Alerts of expiration of rates to the commercial area
  • Automatic application of rates and other charges in the air waybills
  • Collection management and reimbursement management
  • Control of current accounts
  • Configuration of taxes and exemptions
  • Automatic application of commissions, incentives and discounts
  • Sales settlement by points of sale and freight forwarders

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Benefit of Service

  • Reduces digitalization and manual activities in the issuance of air guides
  • Minimizes errors in the valuation of each shipment
  • Improves your customer service
  • Online and real-time information for all areas of the airline
  • Facilitates the registration of collections
  • Eliminates the manual processing of accounting information
  • Improves the operation and customer service
  • Savings in resources and administrative costs
  • Savings in stationery and communications
  • No server and hosting costs
  • Low cost of use