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KIU System Solutions is committed to present its Revenue Accounting System in a market as regulated as the Chinese


Mrs. Alejandra Dias Osorio, Revenue Accounting representative and Mr. Daniel Maggi Frequent Flyer Director, attend the event


Second China Airline Revenue Accounting Meeting


Principal entry to the event with its sponsors and participants

As part of the second ¨China Airline Accounting Meeting¨, we introduced our KIU Admin System among the 20 companies that participated in the event.

The level of automation, the rigorous audit approach to billing received, and the simple approach to solve difficult interline agreement schemes, were the topics that caught the attention of the audience

We take advantage of the event to present and confirm the new sales audit approach that is being included in the system and was well received by the audience.

The level of interest gained during the event and the possibilities of an upcoming opening justified the trip 

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