Our Company

We are a next generation IT service provider for the airline industry.


KIU® System Solutions, is the result of an extensive research and development, based on the airlines operational, commercial and economic needs and the best value balance between them. 


KIU® is the result of many years inventory and distribution systems experience that added to an innovative vision of nowadays airlines needs, and to the latest generation platform, provides the ideal solution to your needs in the form of a powerful flexible control and management tool which will lay the foundations leading to your company’s success.


KIU® was conceived with the purpose of providing an effective answer to these needs, without losing the flexibility that characterizes a system that incorporates the latest technological advances in communication and language.

KIU® was developed facing the new airline industry challenges succesfully with a brand new and strategic distribution model based on operational cost reduction optimizing their resources, as well as delivering a world class service to your customers.

Our solutions can be adopt by different airline profiles because they adjust to the industry and IATA standards delivering operational and functional efficiency.


 As an important part of KIU® quality policy assumes an overhead commitment with each one of his clients, considering the process of research and implementation as a fundamental step to attain the success in all system adoption process

KIU® System Solutions