KIU Business Intelligence

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Kiu Business Intelligence It’s our information platform that allows you to have complete control of the operations of your company. Its robust and flexible database has the capacity to generate statistics according to your specific needs.

With Kiu BI you can have

  • Multidimensional database
  • Statistical and management information
  • Booking and sales information without time limit
  • Web Application
  • Control board and KPI
  • Exportable information
  • Drill down capacity
  • Responsive system
  • Definition of alerts
  • Tableau

Sales Reports

Flight Reports

Check-In Reports


  • Yield management information
  • Issuance of sales reports by several criteria: user, office, by channels, country, city, office, user, GDS, Interline, codeshare, by type of document, by fare, base rate, among others
  • Issuance of flight reports, date, routes, flight numbers, load factor, equipment, sales distribution channel, no show, go show, among others
  • Issuance of reservation reports.
  • Issuance of post-flight reports
  • Occupancy coefficient reports

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