Kiu PSS keeps proving its Connectivity Capabilities. Paranair signs 2 new agreements: Interline and Codeshare with LATAM’s 7 Codes and Interline with Iberia

10 Aug

By: Elisa Martínez Santana

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The Kiu PSS distribution suite allows airlines to develop their bookings in traditional distribution channels; through the host, direct sales (e-commerce) and through Kiu GDS. And in turn, it also offers alternatives through other GDSs, OTAs, NDC, codeshare and interline agreements.

This time, we are pleased to announce our connectivity capabilities having successfully implemented a unilateral interline and codeshare agreement between our client Paranair (ZP) and Latam (With its 7 codes LA, JJ, 4M, PZ, 4C, XL, LP) and a unilateral interline agreement with Iberia.

These agreements where achieved thanks to our efficient Connectivity team, which is in charge of working directly with the airlines to help them in the integration and connection process.

The agreement between Paranair and Latam supports our commitment to provide greater connectivity between airlines and the destinations they fly to.

Some connectivity agreements implemented by Kiu customers:

Unilateral interline agreement and IATCI agreement between Star Peru and Air Europa

Unilateral interline agreement and IATCI Plus Ultra and Laser Airlines

Bilateral interline agreement between Star Perú and Amaszonas


About interline agreements:

An interline agreement is a commercial agreement between two airlines in which one of the airlines can sell segments of the other, maintaining its code and allowing easy identification of the carrier.

With these agreements, companies expand their route network to offer travel flexibility by allowing passengers to book using two separate airlines, with fast schedule coordination between different flight hours.

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