New developments

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KAM: Kiu Allotment Manager

Now, we can help you optimize and control the commercialization of your charter flights. With our new Allotment Tool, you will be able to manage your entire seats inventory between operators, facilitating online commercialization until the last place available, through all sales channels.
This tool is also integrated with our suite of solutions, including Kiu DCS and Kiu BI.
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Interline sales on the web

Kiu has the ability to offer interline sales on the website with other airlines that have Kiu or a different PSS. The capacity includes unilateral or bilateral agreements.

Kiu Admin BPO

Now we offer our clients a wide range of BPO services (Business Process Outsourcing), which we adapt to the needs of each airline, focused on collaborating and improving the internal processes of our clients, and helping them with support and information in real time for management decision makers.

We have a team of experts in different areas with the necessary know-how, which makes the processes of the entire circuit of revenue control, accounting and Interline Billing optimized, guaranteeing the reliability of information for strategic planning of the company and internal and external audits.

Kiu Admin BPO offers the possibility of outsourcing the entire Revenue Accounting operation or only the processes that each company requires.


Kiu Departure Control System: PRO

In order to improve the service at the airport of your passengers, Kiu has partnered with Airline Choice, to now offering a new  Departure control system, in which we combine our DCS tools with Arline Choice services. Now, our DCS can offer you self-service support at airports (kiosks), sales of ancillaries in check-in, mobile devices for check-in and boarding of passengers (hardware and software) and baggage reconciliation.