03 Dec
Kiu is granted with NDC level 4 certification

Kiu System Solutions has obtained certification NDC level 4 according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) NDC program. NDC level 4 is the highest level in the industry that IT providers can reach for this type of capacity distribution.

This status allows Kiu PSS, Kiu GDS and Kiu E-commerce to support the implementation of Full-Offer messages and Order Management whose systems meet all the requirements of the NDC messaging system version 19.1. As a result, Kiu is now one of the main PSS and GDS providers supporting NDC internal and external distribution channels.

This new level of communication for all the air content is available in real-time through all the sale channels and represents an essential change for the standardization of the air industry that, in order to promote the innovation and personalization by changing the purchase flow, provides all passengers around the world the possibility to access better experiences and booking processes.

For 16 years we have directed our services at the benefits of both the airline and the passengers by providing competitive advantages with our PDS, GDS and E-commerce platform. Therefore, we are pleased to obtain our NDC certification confirming our commitment of evolving together with the industry while improving our technological capacities.  Through NDC, we will be able to offer more personalized trips with richer content and higher levels of distribution complemented by varied options of additional incomes.

Alberto Desimone, CEO of Kiu System Solutions, commented,

Further developments:

While the industry adopts new approaches for commercialization and technology standards such as NDC, Kiu has been simultaneously developing new generation technologies including remarkable advances in its own distribution platform (GDS), E-commerce, PSS, the recently NDC-certified Kiu Admin – Revenue Accounting, and One Order Development; hence confirming that Kiu always aims at improving through cutting-edge technology the efficiency and effectiveness of airlines. 

27 Nov
Latino American Air chooses Kiu PSS and GDS

We are pleased to announce that Latino American Air is officially part of our Kiu System Solutions Family. Constantly working to connect Venezuela to other international destinations, the airline has chosen our PSS and GDS as key tools for the growth of their future routes and services.

Integrated by a highly-qualified tourism professionals, Latino American Air’s young fleet promises excellence in service and innovation. A Boeing 747-400 will connect Madrid to Caracas and will kick off a growth plan aiming to cover several areas of the region.

“As leaders of the south American market, we completely rely on Kiu services and system. We know that the scope of Kiu’s GDS will allow us to increase our sales from day one”.

Alvaro Manrique, Latino American Air Operational Director, states

With 16 years of experience in the industry, Kiu has been a bridge to the expansion and constant growth for several airlines through a suite of integrated solutions that have revolutionized the air market.

This agreement strengthens the cooperation and provides a great opportunity for international consolidation in a fast-growing market. Therefore, such union will strive towards new future connections allowing to cost-effectively compete in order to improve and optimize both fleet coverage and usability so as to reinforce the image of Latino American Air in South America and Europe.

For further information, you can contact

14 Nov
Aeroregional chooses Kiu PSS and GDS

Aiming at the optimization of air connectivity in Ecuador through high-quality management services, we are pleased to announce that Aeroregional has decided to join Kiu family and choose our PSS and GDS solutions. This decision not only has shown their commitment to technology and expansion, but also has taken their customers’ experience to the next level.

Destinations such as Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil have made Aeroregional an effective low-cost option that exceeds customers’ expectations and secures a position as leader in the entire area.

The ever-growing fleet of Boeing 737-500 already operates out of Quito to their several destinations, that will soon include the city of Coca.

“We were confident that KIU was the best choice as their successful system and effectiveness are well-known across the entire market”, said Carolina Flores, Aeroregional Commercial Manager.

This important step towards innovation through our PSS and GDS will provide Aeroregional a set of essential tools for the administration and handling of their issuance, distribution and booking inventory. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Kiu System offers a suite of integrated solutions for airlines to efficiently increase their revenue, reduce their costs and optimize their processes.

To learn more about Aeroregional, visit


11 Nov
T2RL PSS Conference 2019

Don’t miss the chance to meet our Commercial Director, Richard Ortega, who will be in London for the T2RL PSS conference 2019! hashtag#KiuSystemSolutionshashtag#London hashtag#T2RL

21 Oct
Join us during ALTA – Aviation Leaders Forum

Once again Kiu is proud to be part of ALTA Leaders Forum 2019 in Brasilia.

Meet our Kiu team at stand #07 and discover how our integrated suite of solutions can change the airline industry.

11 Oct
Sasca Airlines is live on Kiu PSS

SASCA Airlines, one of the main leaders in passenger, cargo and correspondence transportation in Venezuela, has implemented Kiu PSS systems and managed to exponentially enhance their air-traffic
control and business system.
With key destinations for operational growth and improvement, SASCA Airlines is famous for providing high standards in security, punctuality and service quality both domestically and internationally. The airline covers and represents a constantly changing market with destinations
such as Punta Cana, Cartagena, Curazao, Mérida, among others.
Their goal of becoming a transportation company committed not only to customers, but also, environment, has been achieved by a process of constant innovation.

In order to address the strong demand, their ever-growing fleet accompanies an optimization in the use of both human and material resources to deliver high levels of excellence in customer experience.

“We believe that KIU is a fundamental tool for this ambitious plan of growing as we are now able to cover the entire agencies network not only in the country but also worldwide, to efficiently manage our operations and meet customers´ demands in a way that prices will not interfere in the
operational cost structure. Thus we will grow according to our needs and achieve a solid business in the country with several advantages such as qualified personnel, among others. We know from previous work experiences that support and training capacity provided are extremely important; therefore we have come to the conclusion that KIU is undoubtedly the system that best meets our current and future needs when it comes to airline business, customer service and administration”

Omar Yepes, Airline CEO.

This strong agreement will allow SASCA Airlines to reinforce their goal of consolidation across the continent and ensure a unique and incomparable customer experience. For more than a decade,
KIU System Solutions has been an essential tool to many global transportation companies who struggle to survive in a challenging market.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to SASCA Airlines!

30 Sep
World Aviation Festival MEASA

KIU will be part of the Aviation Show MEASA 2019 in Dubai! Come to stand #72 to learn about all the products and innovations KIU has to offer.

28 Aug
Star Peru implements Kiu Admin

Over the years, KIU System Solutions has become an indispensable tool
for airlines to expand their operations and conquer new horizons. Currently,
more than 50 airlines worldwide are part of the growing KIU family and enjoy
the benefits of having our integrated suite of market-leading products that can
satisfy both legacy and low-cost airlines.

Today, we celebrate a new alliance with our client
Star Peru, since they have decided to strengthen the commitment to our suite of
solutions by implementing our KIU Admin – Revenue Accounting system.

The company that today operates both the national and
regional market, also provides freight transport and charter flights. Their
destinations, among which are Cuzco, Cajamarca and Iquitos, are important
tourist centers worldwide that annually receive thousands of passengers. Young,
modern and efficient, Star Peru has a fleet of Boeing 737-300 aircraft that can
carry up to 143 passengers.

With Kiu Admin – Revenue Accounting, Star Peru accesses a highly automated comprehensive system that, among other things, helps to have a correct determination of income while providing compliance with the most stringent auditing standards, including fares, rates and commissions audit.  It also includes both, a powerful prorate engine that helps to correctly determine the income of interline and codeshare agreements, and SIS Interline Invoicing.

Silvia Rolando, Director of KIU ADMIN -Revenue
Accounting, added:

“Star Peru was able to obtain new tools for the
control and audit of its sales and flown, automating in 90% the processes that
they have been carrying out manually.”


27 Aug
Meet us at the World Aviation Festival 2019!

Kiu System Solutions is participating once again as an exhibitor of the World Aviation Festival. Join us at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London 4-6 September 2019. Our Commercial Director for EMEA, Richard Ortega alongside our Analysis Director, Juan Frattin will be representing our company. They will be showing our solutions and speaking on how airlines can benefit from an integrated scheme in order to save costs and deliver a better traveler experience.