SASCA Airlines, one of the main leaders in passenger, cargo and correspondence transportation in Venezuela, has implemented Kiu PSS systems and managed to exponentially enhance their air-traffic control and business system. With key destinations for operational growth and improvement, SASCA Airlines is famous for providing high standards in security, punctuality and service quality both domestically and internationally. The airline covers and represents a constantly changing market with destinations such as Punta Cana, Cartagena, Curazao, Mérida,
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30 September, 2019

World Aviation Festival MEASA

KIU will be part of the Aviation Show MEASA 2019 in Dubai! Come to stand #72 to learn about all the products and innovations KIU has to offer.
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Over the years, KIU System Solutions has become an indispensable tool for airlines to expand their operations and conquer new horizons. Currently, more than 50 airlines worldwide are part of the growing KIU family and enjoy the benefits of having our integrated suite of market-leading products that can satisfy both legacy and low-cost airlines. Today, we celebrate a new alliance with our client Star Peru, since they have decided to strengthen the commitment to our
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Kiu System Solutions is participating once again as an exhibitor of the World Aviation Festival. Join us at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London 4-6 September 2019. Our Commercial Director for EMEA, Richard Ortega alongside our Analysis Director, Juan Frattin will be representing our company. They will be showing our solutions and speaking on how airlines can benefit from an integrated scheme in order to save costs and deliver a better traveler experience.
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We are pleased to welcome AeroDesierto into our family, an airline created in Chile and focused on providing a safe and comfortable service adjusted to the highest quality standards. In the medium term, they expect to become a benchmark for quality and customer service, and with the help of Kiu, consolidate as the best travel option in South America. Using Boeing 737-200 and Boeing 737-300 aircraft, AeroDesierto offers destinations such as Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Dominican
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The Kiu PSS distribution suite allows airlines to develop their bookings in traditional distribution channels; through the host, direct sales (e-commerce) and through Kiu GDS. And in turn, it also offers alternatives through other GDSs, OTAs, NDC, codeshare and interline agreements. This time, we are pleased to announce our connectivity capabilities having successfully implemented a unilateral interline and codeshare agreement between our client Paranair (ZP) and Latam (With its 7 codes LA, JJ, 4M, PZ,
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We are happy to announce we have added another airline to our community. ValueJet, a startup from Nigeria. Our platform will provide Value Jett with our innovative and cost-effective PSS, GDS, DCS and E-Commerce solutions, which would be one of the major keys in their growth and development. ValueJet was founded in 2018, and since then, its mission has been to fill a niche in the growing air-travel and cargo markets within Nigeria & Africa
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Kiu System Solutions is happy to announce the successful go-live on Kiu PSS with SANTA Airlines. SANTA (National Associated Services of Air Transportation), Colombia’s new regional carrier, will have its main base of operations in Benito Salas Neiva National Airport, where it will be in charge of connecting the city of Neiva with destinations such as Bogota, Villavicencio, Cali, Pereira, Puerto Asís and Villa Garzon. Santa, which has a regular and non-regular air transport service,
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ATSA, an airline with 39 years of experience in Peru, has decided to migrate from its In-House system to Kiu PSS and Kiu GDS, in order to improve its presence in the market and streamline its sales processes. With flights to Lima, Atalaya, Chachapoyas, Huánuco and Tingo Maria, ATSA manages to cover a large part of the air needs in the Peruvian country, offering a quality service and focusing on the safety and comfort of
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