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Our Philosophy

Kiu System Solutions offers technology for airlines through a suite of integrated solutions since 2003. After all these years, we understand that we have the only hybrid system among the new generation PSS, combining the best practices of Legacy systems with the Low-Cost models. Thanks to this, we are the leading company in Latin America in providing technological applications, and we are currently expanding our presence worldwide.

Our initial objective was to develop a reservation and distribution system that would not drown financially or economically the airlines. The cost/benefit equation was so attractive that our system was quickly accepted in the market. The system matured in functionality and robustness, becoming the leading reservation system in the region.

In order to meet the demand of our customers and as a way to complement our initial product portfolio, we address the development of new systems to integrate with each other, in order to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for the airline industry.


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Our Background

Since its inception, KIU has counted as strength the proven experience of its founders in the area, especially its CEO, who  founded and managed one of the most important airlines in Latin America during the 90s, and has been successful in the business of the tour operators after shaping one of the five most important tour operators in Argentina, with a turnover of more than 250 million dollars. This knowledge and experience have been a major key when defining the platform, with the main idea that guides the system to support the needs of the travel agencies and the airlines.

On the other hand, 90% of the members of KIU come from different airlines, so we know perfectly the needs that this business demands and this has been reflected in our solutions. For all these reasons, we can say that we have been in your place and we speak your language.

Meet Our Experts

Our team loves Kiu for the same reasons: every day presents new challenges, technology evolves constantly and our minds are always committed to new developments and functionalities to fulfill what our clients need.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated team representing a wide range of knowledge and experience in the travel industry.

Alberto Desimone
President and CEO
 Walter Procofio
Juan Manuel Frattin
Product Manager: Kiu PSS
 Daniel Maggi
Product manager: Kiu Loyalty       Commercial Manager
Mariano Merlini
Director: Product and Training
Silvia Rolando
Product Manager: Kiu Admin (Revenue Accounting)
Richard Ortega
Commercial Director – EAMEA
Mónica Calero
Administration and HR Manager
 Elisa Martinez Santana
Marketing Officer    /  Commercial Management Team
  Ana Goncalvez
Product and Training Executive

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Our Mission

As a technology and service company we are, we seek to implement business solutions that integrate harmoniously computer systems and high-quality services that allow airlines to improve efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability.

Frecuent Questions

In our agencies section, you will find the download link. You can also communicate through our online chat in which our highly trained team can clarify your doubts and help you throughout the process.
You can contact us by email commercial@kiusys.com and our sales team will contact you to organize the demo.
No, to access our system you only need a computer with a common internet connection.
Yes, our Kiu ADMIN system helps you to control your income and make timely decisions at the management level. For more information, click SOLUTIONS