Kiu Loyalty

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Kiu LOYALTY is an easy to use system totally oriented to support, maintain and manage the loyalty programs of the airlines.The system design offers many innovative features that allows the airline to accurately maintain program information and offer all the features that a program partner expects to find on the airline’s website.

Main Characteristics Of The Application

  • High level of parameterization
  • Integration with program of aerial and non-air partners
  • Consideration of personal, labor and demographic data
  • Accounting of activities
  • Flexible preferences settings
  • Important level of automation
  • Audit record of all manual activities
  • Applet that integrates simply with the airline’s site
  • Integrated to any booking system through web services
  • Web system with a very simple user interface
  • Administration and tracking of incidents
  • Orientation for customer service
  • Simple to implement and train

All you need for loyalty programs.

Redemption of air tickets through vouchers

Integration with accounting systems

Flexible configuration according to airline preferences



  • Management of corporate and individual partners
  • Complete availability of a member’s history
  • Automatic importation of activities of all kinds
  • Simple configuration of bonuses, goals and promotions
  • Comprehensive treatment of debits and credits with air and non-air partners
  • Purchase availability, transfer of miles / points
  • Administration of different maturity criteria
  • Simple definition of air and non-air awards
  • Redemption of air tickets and non-air awards through vouchers
  • Category management
  • Integration with accounting system
  • Automatic email generation

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  • Increases the number of passengers loyal to the brand
  • Possibility of incorporating new members that translates into more passengers
  • Improves additional revenue by selling miles to partners
  • Increase revenue from the sale of miles to airline and non-airline members
  • Allows to know the behavior of passengers and know their preferences
  • Improves the image of the company by offering this service to its passengers
  • Creates a channel of direct communication with the passengers who fly the most
  • Possibility of increasing income through targeted promotions
  • Requires minimum structure cost