Sasca Airlines is live on Kiu PSS

11 Oct

By: Elisa Martínez Santana

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SASCA Airlines, one of the main leaders in passenger, cargo and correspondence transportation in Venezuela, has implemented Kiu PSS systems and managed to exponentially enhance their air-traffic
control and business system.
With key destinations for operational growth and improvement, SASCA Airlines is famous for providing high standards in security, punctuality and service quality both domestically and internationally. The airline covers and represents a constantly changing market with destinations
such as Punta Cana, Cartagena, Curazao, Mérida, among others.
Their goal of becoming a transportation company committed not only to customers, but also, environment, has been achieved by a process of constant innovation.

In order to address the strong demand, their ever-growing fleet accompanies an optimization in the use of both human and material resources to deliver high levels of excellence in customer experience.

“We believe that KIU is a fundamental tool for this ambitious plan of growing as we are now able to cover the entire agencies network not only in the country but also worldwide, to efficiently manage our operations and meet customers´ demands in a way that prices will not interfere in the
operational cost structure. Thus we will grow according to our needs and achieve a solid business in the country with several advantages such as qualified personnel, among others. We know from previous work experiences that support and training capacity provided are extremely important; therefore we have come to the conclusion that KIU is undoubtedly the system that best meets our current and future needs when it comes to airline business, customer service and administration”

Omar Yepes, Airline CEO.

This strong agreement will allow SASCA Airlines to reinforce their goal of consolidation across the continent and ensure a unique and incomparable customer experience. For more than a decade,
KIU System Solutions has been an essential tool to many global transportation companies who struggle to survive in a challenging market.

Join us in extending a warm welcome to SASCA Airlines!

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